To put in a shorter and simpler way

March 15, 2019 0 Comment

To put in a shorter and simpler way; the key of modern marketing is developing a marketing strategy, designed through a marketing mix (product, promotion, pricing and distribution) and which themselves are based on strong analysis of the market(s) and findings, for further creative, successful and innovating marketing strategies (Newman 1990 p.8).
These basic marketing tools and techniques as well construct the foundation to run successfully a candidacy’s campaign (Newman 1990 p.10). In the forever competitive, changing and challenging environment (see 1.1 p.), the candidate, helped by marketing experts, must identify them and respond to those throughout a well-planned program, stating his desire-enforced objectives during his potential governance, suggesting to be the best suitable candidate, influencing his credibility to potential voters and encouraging effectively voters for their support (Newman 1990 p.9). In this sense, during the campaign, the candidate is a service provider who offers his product/ideas (Neman 1990 p.10, Kotler 1999 p.2) (see 1.1 p.) to the market (voters) for the greater objective to benefit and satisfy their needs (Newman 1999 p.9).