There are two main settings

January 29, 2019 0 Comment

There are two main settings. One is in a future society where “Jimmy” lives and post-apocalypse wasteland where “Snowman” lives. It starts off with Snowman who is at a tree that’s near the beach. The wasteland is to show that real humanity is long gone. There are inhabitants still, Crakers, which look human, but Craker’s are genetically enhanced humans. The once tamed animals (Pigoons and Bobkittens) are becoming aggressive to inhabitants and to “Snowman”.
The near future where Jimmy lives is a lot different from the wasteland. He lives in a society where Bio genetic technology is developed a lot farther then it is now. The only problem is that they developed it without consideration of consequences. Take for example, the Pigoon. The goal was to grow human tissue. They decided to use a pig host. It is not ethic in the slightest. Entertainment that is consider horrible and inhumane, was available to everyone. Porn, execution, and suicide were standard to be watching.


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