There are different ways for minutes two be written

April 24, 2019 0 Comment

There are different ways for minutes two be written; informal meeting minutes or agenda based minutes. They are both used differently depending on the type of meeting being held.
Informal minutes are normally taken within group meeting. These are used to summarise what tasks need doing, who is responsible for ensuring the task is completed and to inform the people of what has already been done and if there is any new information that needs giving out to everyone. Usually, these meetings are only sent to the people present. The minutes will usually be sent out via email to those present or if anyone who wasn’t able to attend but was included in duties that need to be carried out.
The second way to write minutes is agenda based. The agenda based minutes are the traditional type of minutes. This is a more formal type of meeting, where members will be invited and educated on the matters that will be brought up within the meeting beforehand. These meetings then follow a set framework guide on the duties that need fulfilling.