The target market of max’s restaurant are young

February 2, 2019 0 Comment

The target market of max’s restaurant are young, single, married with children, married unmarried (consumer market) Also the restaurant targets a segment with an income of Php 1,000.00–5,000.00 (Class C). The restaurant targets students and young employees, ages 18-25.
In Antipolo there is a hard time finding a best restaurant after you attend a mass to their famous church. Filipinos are always finding a place to eat after a mass because they are hungry, we suggest that they should try the max’s restaurant in Antipolo. It is affordable to those class c customers and their specialty is chicken that everyone should try.
They are most likely to buy products on max’s restaurant after a mass or if they are going to celebrate something like birthdays, or anniversary. Max’s restaurant is very accommodating when their customers is celebrating something. Sometimes they just buy our products if they’re crave for something affordable but still delicious.
Mostly our customers are located near the Antipolo branch of max’s restaurant. Others came from their vacation and plans to go to the max’s restaurant. Antipolo is the place where there are so many tourists because of the ambiance. The climate in Antipolo is the best place to eat a fresh roasted chicken.
Customers are buying from us because other restaurants didn’t treat them the way they should be treated. In max’s restaurant everyone is welcome and their staffs are accommodating every customer coming in.


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