Part 1

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Part 1: research proposal
Chicken Licken was founded in South Africa by a man called George Sombonos. His father was a poor Greek-tea room owner. George managed his father’s restaurant in the 1970’s called The Dairy Den in Ridgeway Johannesburg.

In 1972 his father bought him an airline ticket to the US on condition he would visit his aunt. George used this to his advantage and leant about the restaurant business. He tasted 12 hamburgers, and 20 pieces of chicken every day. One day he found the best chicken he has ever tasted and asked the owner to buy the recipe. The owner wanted $5000, George did not have the money so paid $1000.

He went back home (South Africa) and used the recipe. Without his father’s knowledge, Sombonos swopped the existing chicken coating recipe at the Dairy Den with his new US recipe. Sales increased and turnover shot up to over R200 000 a month. At the start of the 1980s, Sombonos renamed the business, Golden Fried Chicken – but soon after, a waiter came up with the name Chicken Licken, which was registered for R300. The logo, which is still used today, was designed for R75.
Mission statement
“We will deliver an unparalleled dining experience for our guest while providing a fun and safe environment for our family members and therefor ensuring our long term financial success.”;source=images;cd=;cad=rja;uact=8;ved=;;source=images;cd=;cad=rja;uact=8;ved=2ahUKEwi2x7WQnsfcAhVFx4UKHSj9B68QjRx6BAgBEAU;;psig=AOvVaw2zYi_50Yu2Q3Pqbi705HYY;ust=1533053830575582

Research methodology

A literature search involves reviewing all readily available materials. These materials can include internal company information, relevant trade publications, newspapers, magazines, annual reports, company literature, on-line data bases, and any other published materials. Talking with people is a good way to get information during the initial stages of a research project. It can be used to gather information that is not publicly available, or that is too new to be found in the literature. Examples might include meetings with prospects, customers, suppliers, and other types of business conversations at trade shows, seminars, and association meetings. Although often valuable, the information has questionable validity because it is highly subjective and might not be representative of the population. Personal interviews are a way to get in-depth and comprehensive information. They involve one person interviewing another person for personal or detailed information typically, an interviewer will ask questions from a written questionnaire and record the answers verbatim. Sometimes, the questionnaire is simply a list of topics that the research wants to discuss with an industry expert.

Personal interviews (because of their expense) are generally used only when subjects are not likely to respond to other survey methods. Telephone surveys are the fastest method of gathering information from a relatively large sample (100-400 respondents). They cost a little less than telephone interviews, however, they take over twice as long to complete (eight to twelve weeks). Because there is no interviewer, there is no possibility of interviewer bias. The main disadvantage is the inability to probe respondents for more detailed information. . Mail surveys are a cost effective method of gathering information. They are ideal for large sample sizes .Email and internet surveys are relatively new and little is known about the effect of sampling bias in internet surveys. While it is clearly the most cost effective and fastest method of distributing a survey, the demographic profile of the internet user does not represent the general population, although this is changing. Before doing an email or internet survey, carefully consider the effect that this bias might have on the results. All these things will help to gather all accurate and fear information.


Research design


Data Collection

Target market

Chicken Licken is known for their humorous commercials, this has been their way to communicate with their target and I have used that in my comic book.
From my insights I have found out that no one knows the history of Chicken Licken, how the brand leader started the brand and also what he went through before his success. In his comic book he has taken advantage of the knowledge about the brand and played around with it. So he created a characters:

• George: from my research I found out that people did not know the founder of Chicken Licken.;source=images;cd=;cad=rja;uact=8;ved=2ahUKEwjpl7K0sMTcAhUzgVwKHWfxCngQjRx6BAgBEAU;;psig=AOvVaw2i5BzCx8Ip6V7pSkpm2jVI;ust=1532956018560845

• The mice: which represented George’s enemies. The mice starts of every small and cute but as time goes by it goes it grows into a big and nagging mice. Until he finally drives to Chicken Licken on his scoter and orders Chicken which makes the mice disappear.

The comic
Once upon a time there was little George who had a dream of building himself a huge house. Little George had no body supporting him instead he will be laughed at every day, including the mice. His dream turned out to be a joke at his area. He cried to ease the pain away, nothing good was expected from him. Everything that he did turned out to be a joke to the mouse. The dreamer never gave up, he knew what he wanted to do and he will not let anyone stop him from succeeding. He built his house, even when he had no energy he will carry on because of the bigger picture everyone else could not see. When he was done with his soul food house it was the most selling restaurant, everyone including the mice went to it.

The driver of his comic was to state the brand’s history in a humorous way. People acknowledge leaders who worked their way to success. He gave credits to the founder by using a comic to advise people to never give up on their dream by telling his struggle before his success.

In his manifesto his theme was also dreams. He stated the brand leader’s story and also used insights about the brand to communicate with the target. Since he found out that people prefer Chicken Licken wings from the competitors he went along that route. “It is better to speak the language the people understand meaning, in order to communicate with the customers you have to use things that they know, recognize and even their experience.” South Africans crave for Chicken Licken wings and they become attached to them because of its uniqueness. The manifesto speaks to the customers, it states the values of the brand, the history of the brand, also the promises of the brand and on the other hand encourages the customers about dreams.

The manifesto….jpg

“We hustle our way up
People tried to get us down

Unfortunately their laughter got us up

The emotions are in our meals

Hot, spicy chickens
We are coming in flame

We love good chicken

We feed what the soul desires
We are within South Africa hearts
The emotions are in our meat

The obsession in our bones”

There are many different strategies that Chicken Licken can use to speak to the target audience. Here George chose to use a South African young lady who has a Greece flag painted on her face and wearing a top written Dream. He says “have gained skills from being in the Creative Development class and from all I have learnt that the first thing that a person will look at from this manifesto is the picture on the left hand side, so I made sure that I communicated with the model before the manifesto is read.” The fact that she is South African with a Greece flag communicates.

Chicken Licken targets people who enjoy chicken. Majority of their customers are black and range from children to senior citizens. Many of Chicken Licken senior customers are loyal customers as they have been buying fried chicken from Chicken Licken or many years. Their target market are also busy people who do not have the time to prepare homemade meals. These people are usually students and adults with busy time consuming careers

Customer opinion

The customer opinions I have received are mostly positive. They are regular customers who find the prices Chicken Licken of affordable and their chicken to be one of a kind and very delicious. Many of Chicken Licken customers are black and have easy accessibility to the many Chicken Lickens around every corner

Trend analysis
Many Chicken Licken customers are loyalty customers (customers who have been going to Chicken Liken for many years and only choose to buy their chicken) who majority identify as black South African.

Macro environment social threats
• The unethical treatment of animals is a huge social issue. Chicken Licken Chickens are being injected with genetic modifications to become as fat as possible, to the point of them not being able to walk. This is being seen as animal abuse. Chicken Licken should let their chickens grow properly and in a healthy manner and them kill them as painlessly as possible. Chicken Licken would be more popular with the public if they did so. And their customers would trust them more, and know that they are not eating modified chicken that will make them fat quicker.

• The luring of children is also another major social issue. Using toys, and play areas to Persuading kids to eat Chicken Licken without making them aware of the bad side effects of their food on their health is unethical. Chicken Licken should add healthier meals on to their menu for children to avoid any controversy. They should also promote healthy living alongside their healthy kid’s meals.

Macro environment ethical threats
• Vegans and vegetarians are an ethical threat to Chicken Licken because of their beliefs. They believe that it is unethical to harm or kill animals, especially for commercial uses as they too are sentient beings. Chicken Licken should kill their chickens in a humane manner (make it as painless as possible). Chicken Licken could also introduce more vegan and vegetarian friendly meals on to their menu. This will bring in more costumers and also be accommodative to everyone, more customers more profit for Chicken Licken.

• Muslims are a cultural threat to Chicken Licken because many Chicken Licken outlets do not sell halal chicken and those who claim to do so are in fact not following the correct procedure (not saying a prayer for every single chicken and killing the chickens by machine instead of by hand). Chicken Licken should make their customers aware of how they make their chicken halal and make sure that the customer is okay with machine killing as many Muslims are okay with it because they are becoming aware of the fact that technological mechanisation is essential in huge franchises

Market environment

Porter’s 6 Forces

• Competition – assessment of the direct competitors in a given market. The competitors for Chicken Licken would be all chicken franchises, but the most competitive outlet would be KFC. The opportunity that would be in favour of Chicken Licken would be KFC’s frequent scandals, which results in KFC customers decreasing. Chicken Licken can use that to gain customers trust and “steel” KFC customers, making sure that they keep them coming back for more even after the scandals have blown over.

• New Entrants – assessment in the potential competitors and barriers to entry in a given market. Chicken Licken can make sure they keep up with any new chicken franchises, and make sure they keep a close eye on them to not loss too many costumers. Making sure they know their (the new entrants) menu and how they interact with customers.

• End Users/ Buyers – assessment regarding the bargaining power of buyers that includes considering the cost of switching. They should make sure they keep their prices affordable enough for the costumers, to insure that they don’t lose maybe costumers due to high prices.

• Suppliers – assessment regarding the bargaining power of suppliers. Having a supplier with low prices will be an opportunity because they won’t have to spend too much money on stock. However they should make sure they also have a supplier that sells quality chicken.

• Substitutes – assessment regarding the availability of alternatives. More variety in their menu will give them a upper hand e.g. burgers, salads, vegan food etc. More customers will be able to come in and have something else besides chicken.

• Complementary Products – assessment of the impact of related products and services within a given market. They should have more specials that will bring more buyers in. also on their kids meal they should have a toy that comes with every meal. Give away vultures to older customers.

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