Organ Trafficking Reaction Paper Erika Bowens SWK 597 Texas A

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Organ Trafficking Reaction Paper
Erika Bowens
SWK 597
Texas A&M University-Commerce

Human trafficking is a wrongdoing that mercilessly abuses ladies, children, and men for various purposes including constrained work and sex. Organ expulsion, while not as predominant as labor and sex trafficking, is genuine and widespread across the board (2). The transplantation of healthy human organs, placed into a person whose organs have failed, saves many lives every year. There is a great request for the organs that has exceeded supply, generating an sunken market for illegitimate secured organs (1).
I do believe that illegal transplant of organs involving a transaction between a paying recipient and a seller or organs could be considered a ‘victimless’ crime. Although, the transplant of organs can be seen as protected crime, for me it is all about ethics and human rights abuse. In the circumstance of organ expulsion, numerous individuals agree to the evacuation of their organs. Be that as it may, there might be double dealing with regards to the measure of installment for the organs or there will be no installment by any stretch of the imagination. They additionally may not be completely educated with regards of the idea of the technique, recuperation, and the effect of the organ expulsion on their wellbeing. On the other hand, assent might be gotten through differing degrees of pressure of mishandle of helplessness (3). If a broker is involved I still believe that this could and would still be considered a victimless crime. I could not help but to ask myself is the broker/representative being selfish by making a match to spare someone’s life, or is it broker ignoring a moral code by influencing the individual for their organ and and charging the individual to spare their own life with the goal that the dealer benefits? The brokers sustain they work legitimately and do not straightforwardly enable customers to purchase organs. Avoiding worldwide judgment and fixing implementation, they have easily moved tasks over the globe when any one goal shuts its entryways (4). Brokers typically seek out the impoverished in underdeveloped countries, not only for their readiness to do anything for a limited amount of money, but also the lack of lawful regulations and obligation. At the point when a match is discovered, the donor is reached and transported to the task area. Ordinarily in a host nation the operation is done away from public scrutiny or without being taken note of. The donor goes home with insufficient amount of money as an incentive, the beneficiary is out of a huge number of dollars and the broker and the physician benefit enormously, disregarding if the operation was a success or a failure (5).
I do believe that social workers who are involved in transplant procedures can be held liable through knowledge alone. As social workers and future social workers we all under obligation to the Social Work Code of Ethics known as the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics. During our collegiate years we are vowed to acknowledge the NASW’s standards and fundamentals throughout our careers. Although clients have a right to self-determination, social workers also have a responsibility to uphold the value integrity being the ethical principle that social workers should behave in a trustworthy manner (6). The principle implies that social workers as specialist are constantly mindful of the calling’s main goal, values, moral standards, and moral measures and practice in a way steady with them. Social workers act sincerely and capably and advance moral practice with respect to the institution with which they are connected (6). Being as though organ trafficking is illegal, numerous social work specialist are not set up to experience casualties in light of the fact that these social work specialist either do not have clue about the notice indications of trafficking or they are not currently searching for them among the individuals they serve (7). Social workers should master their role as a mandated reporter and the mandated reporting laws in their state and be knowledgeable that they might be obligated to call the police and/or their local child welfare agencies if they suspect a form of trafficking including but not limited to organ trafficking (7). Defending social justice of the victims, social workers should not be afraid to stand up for the person-centered, and empowerment-based perspective of the profession.

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I do believe that it would be appropriate for medical staff, specifically social workers, to be involved in a follow-up care of the patients who have purchased organs be held accountable if they fail to alert health and/or legal authorities. If the social worker does not in fact report that trafficking of some sort is being implemented at the institution where the social worker is employed, then the social worker has a right to take care of the client and provide the necessary care for the patient. Follow-up care is care given to a patient after the finalize of treatment for a disease or procedure. Follow-up care could involve therapeutic checkups, which may incorporate a physical exam, blood tests, and imaging tests (8). Social workers are to be conscious of the profession’s history , its aim, and the roles and liability of the profession. (9). Social Workers also have ethical standards to uphold provided by the NASW Code of Ethics. The two standards that would allow for the social worker to provide service to the client is Commitment to Clients and Self-Determination. Commitment to clients entails that the social workers primitive obligation is to promote the well-being of the client. The clients concerns are primary (6). It also states about the legal obligations of the professional but if for whatever reason the social worker does not report, the professional is still obligated to provide services to the client. Also, the patient has a right to self-determination meaning that the social worker is required to consider and endorse the clients rights to classify and define their goals (6).
Human Trafficking with an emphasis on organ trafficking touches many countries and numerous industries around the world, and while there are many individuals and institutions working widespread to combat this problem, it may take time before it is fully realised just how huge this issue is.


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