Nigeria is the most popular country in Africa it also has the largest ethnic group in Africa

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Nigeria is the most popular country in Africa it also has the largest ethnic group in Africa. In Nigeria there are over 300 Nigerian tribes and a few of them are Hausa-Fulani, youruba, Igbo, Jaw, Kanuri, Annang, Tiv, Ibibio, Etsako, and Erik. The other Nigerian tribes that weren’t listed constitute of a smaller percentage of the total number of people from all the tribes in Nigeria. The main tribes Hausa, Igbo and Yourba make up about 70% of the population in Nigeria. Each tribe has different cultures, that the people from that tribe exhibit, thereby contributing to immense cultural diversity seen in the country. Ibgoo dress culture is know for there accessories back in the days and today. It ways of creating a culture has ranged from aesthetic nudity, on the children and slaves show overpowers or being superior, In Nigeria kings are very important it is a part of the culture which meant heavy royalty of the kings and the senior nobility,One of africa’s richest cultures. I chose this image as it demonstrates how much growth has hapened in Nigeria since the 20th century, women and men dressed the same and didnt have a say especially as this was the colonialism period when slave trade started. Centuries ago the main reason why igbo were wearing cloth was for modesty, being modesty is very important in Clothing was seen as any special back in days it just meant they were covered up. Women’s wear in Nigeria is a wrapper that is tied to personal choice, their traditional clothing is usually worn on a day to day or to occasions and most times when worn to an occasion they are given a particular wrapper is everyone wear and different outfits are then made depending on preference. Although these wrapper for occasions are usually made more expensive because they are often imported. For the menswear it is typically made of cotton for the wrapper, shirt and scandals for their everyday outfit. Although for the formal menswear a higher quality material is used for the wrapper which would effectively make it more expensive. In my essay I will be talking about the colonialization as it was the timing in which people in Nigeria weren’t wearing clothes and how important it is to wear clothes in Nigeria especially the traditional clothes .

During the colonialization period, there was a lot pressure and freedom resulting to lose of clothing and identity. For the main parts of the citizenry, that converted into Christians and colonial servants, came together and denied the access to the traditional dressing in the first place, with a lot of reasons to leave it in preference for ‘what their colonizer presented to them and after abit they could lift from the clothing form the clothing forms of adjacent individuals within the same pan-Nigerian national space. ‘