My academic interests are extensive

May 1, 2019 0 Comment

My academic interests are extensive. I long to listen to lectures on biotechnology and new innovations that will soon solve the problems many face.I long to be apart of the lab students who are mixing Sodium Hydroxide with Hydrochloric acid to observe a neutralisation experiment.I long to appreciate artistic expression, and foreign languages delving into a range of cultures every single day. USC is one of the few universities where I know I will be able to do all these things. My passion for global studies is rooted form my interest in ongoing and important issues in the 21st century whcih has lead to me writing research papers in various fields.In USC I know that I will become a diverse student who is able to fulfil all my academic interests while being in the heart of an urban campus surrounded by others alike who have several academic interests regardless of major ,together we will grow and learn from one other to be the best version of ourselves 


I'm Eddie!

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