INTRODUCTION A book review is majorly an analysis of a book based on the author’s argument

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A book review is majorly an analysis of a book based on the author’s argument. It gives a room for a writer to provide a personal opinion on the book after its short summary. This book handmaid’s tale was written by Margaret Atwood and published in the year 1985 by McClelland and Stewart. The book is written in the form of a speculative fiction about the life of Offred in the past and present. The book tries to explain how life used to be in the past before the totalitarian government took place and how life changed to be much harder to the women because of the constitutional amendments made by the new regime. The book theme is on freedom specifically for the women. This book review is going to cover the ideas of the author in her writing, the purpose why the author made the writings and finally the goals she targeted to accomplish.
In this book offered who is the narrator of the tale explains how life change from time to time due to the constitutional amendment in his country Canada. Initially, the country was very democratic but a-bomb attack led to the death of the president and some other members of the Congress and a totalitarian government took place. The attack had some other negative effects like environmental changes, toxic wastes, and acidic rains which resulted in infertility (Margaret, 1985). The infertility rate led to low birthrate which made the government to abolish some women right. For example, women were not allowed to read but were mainly taken to do home chores by the master which they refer to as the “commanders”. The marriage rules were also altered in that there was no room for divorce and thus men were allowed to only stay with their first wives and this affected the narrator as she was initially married and divorced at some time.
Due to the environmental changes that brought about sterility in women, the government put in place rules to counter the decreasing birth rate in the country. In this case, the government demanded that married infertile women’s were allowed to use the home maids to reproduce with their husbands and rise children (Sahu et al, 2016). The born child was the taken from the housemaid and handed to their commander who seems to have more powers than the homemaid.As a result of this, the narrator fills that women rights have been violated and therefore the of the religious bodies and political bodies to rise up and fight for the rights of the weak in the society, in this case, the women’s (Margaret, 1985).
The totalitarian government in power gives more powers to the richest in the society. The narrator sees the society as a triangle with the rich at the apex with a comparison of both men and women who are in power while the poor and the majority take a base of the triangle with no power and a mainly the women. The narrator sees the women as being subjected to their commanders and mainly used as sex toys by the powerful people in the society. This proves the main idea that women freedom to do what a normal person can do is really violated and that their freedom is granted by their commanders. In that society, the women have no right to resist any guidance given by men (Sahu et al, 2016).
From the book writings, many audiences have been attracted and it faced some positive reaction. This is because the author seems to be angered by violation of women right by the people in power and she advocates that political bodies and religious bodies to rise up against the violation of the rights of the weak in the society and bring about is very interesting in reading the book because we are encouraged by how the tried to fight for her freedom without giving up and how at later stages the narrator attracts the attention of many people who stand by her and move together toward fighting the inhuman acts.
In a response to the author’s opinion, I would personally totally agree with the author that in most societies there is no gender sensitive and equality and that men are seen to be more superior to the feminine gender. The masculine gender is granted more powers than the feminine gender and that women are subjective to men. This is because in even the current societies men preferred to the best job areas and in most cases, they are most highly (Doyle et al, 2017). For example, in America, Donald Trump has faced a case of violation of the women right. In many nightclubs all over the world, women are being used as sex toys to entertain the men and mainly found in the brothels, unlike the men.
The book homemaid’s tale has raised some important issues happening in many societies which need to be addressed with immediate effect, for example, the book raises the issue of gender inequality in the society (Doyle et al, 2017). This is evident in the book as Offred is heard saying women are being subjected to their men and that they should not resist to any guidance’s given by men this means that women have no power to make their self-decision. Another issue brought up is feminism in the society. In this book, the issues of a race also emerge as the narrator says that white America is more powerful than the black Americans which means the black American’s are not seen to less superior than white America.
The content from this book can be related to works of other authors like the of Harlem renaissance by Du Bois who mainly major on the fight against racist where black America was seen less superior than the white Americas. The author of this book also brought some issue about race and why people should be treated equally regardless of their color and origin. In a larger scope, this work really affected the opinion of many people who initially did not see the violation of other people rights as the big deal. This book challenged the ideas of many people and made them strange a fight against violation of rights of the powerless in the society. Religious organization rose up to fight for the weak and the author’s purpose for writing this book was achieved. The thesis statement of this book is the freedom for women which seemed to have changed from freedom to and became free from because they seem to get orders from their commander who are the powerful people in the society. The author of this book at the end of her efforts toward fighting for the less fortunate in the society had some fruits in that the author achieved her goals. Out of her work the society has changed from being subjective to clearly a socialism society were people have equal rights and powers. The book also suggests that more efforts should be put in place by the political bodies to fight against human right violation and bring a socially equal society.