Industrialization is a large-range introduction of producing

March 12, 2019 0 Comment

Industrialization is a large-range introduction of producing, advanced industrial
enterprises, and other productive economic activity into a state. It took a place during the late 1800s. The
industrialization changed the world food supply in many ways.

Firstly, the key to development was
the new energy sources as coal and fossil fuels. They were the key to development. The
causes were clear as manufacturing was increasing in industrialized and
mechanized places in manufacture. Transportation was easier, instead of
shipping products in the Atlantic Ocean it for 6 weeks, it was reduced for 12 days.
Secondly, the high demand for goods made a huge investment in industrialization. Moreover,
the romanticized and engineers at the beginning were shown as heroes because
they invented the machines, but those machines had made others die in an industrial accident. So people at that time were divided into two sections, the
first section support using machines because they are faster, the second section
thought that it was dangerous and polluting. Thirdly, new railways were built in
America and Britain after that everywhere Europe and places that were under Europe
empire; Japan and India. The railways made transporting food supplies easier
and faster in large quantities, which made all continents open to global