In software development literature survey is considered to be the most important factor

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In software development literature survey is considered to be the most important factor. Before developing any tool it is really important to determine many things such as economy, its advantage ,disadvantage, its opportunities in the near future and many more such considerations are to be taken . Once these things are satisfied, then next steps are to determinewhichoperatingsystemandlanguagecanbeusedfordevelopingthetool. Once the programmers start building the tool the programmers need lot of external support. This support can be obtained from senior programmers, from book or from websites. Before building the system the above consideration are taken into account for developing the proposed system. We have to analysis the Cloud Computing Outline Survey: CloudComputing Cloud computing provides an unlimited platform and infrastructure to store and execute and secure the clients or the customers data and program. As a customer it is not required that you have to own thesystem or theinfrastructure as awhole, they can just be accessed or rented; adding as an advantage to the customer using it minimizing the tendencytodecreasetheexpenditure. Instead of running the data individually in one computer or even in several; they are hosted in the “cloud ‘—computers and servers assemblage accessed via the Internet. Cloudcomputing letsyou accessall thedocuments, data’sandapplication from anywhere in the world, making it free for the people to be confined in the desktop only and making iteasyforthepeopleindifferentpartsoftheworldtocollaborate. Cloud computing enables a change from the computer to the user, from applications to tasks, and many more such that can be accessed from anywhere and shared with anyone. User need not have any problem of doing the management of data;


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