Improve head posture by move the eyes to null position

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Improve head posture by move the eyes to null position.
Modi?ed Anderson procedure.
For mild to moderate degrees of the face turn, recessions of two recti are done on the agonist muscles.
To move the eyes to the null position, where the nystagmus is minimal.

Improve visual acuity.
Four muscle recessions.
Four horizontal recti recessions.
Improve the visual acuity without eyes turns to null position.

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In a recession procedure, the muscle (extraocular muscle) will be detach from the eye and then it will be reattaches it (resection) farther back on the eye, so that the strength of the muscle will weaken if it is too strong. This used to correct alignment related to strabismus.

If the muscle is too weak, recession procedure is used to reduce strength of the opposing muscle (antagonist) to achieve more balanced function of the eye muscles. This result in better eye alignment.


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