HSC 633

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HSC 633.5.2 Review team performance in achieving or working towards goals.

When working towards team goals, it is important to assess the pervious and ongoing performance of the team. This is to correct any mishaps that may come in the way on reaching the goal. When reviewing team performance, it is good to have the whole team contribute as team member may bring out any mishap that’s effecting their work load, that you may have not recognised. Respect each team member as an individual. Make sure to use effective communication when communicating with team regarding goals or when reviewing performance.

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HSC 633.3.6 Offer support to other team members.
We all need and support and encouragement, I have previously required support and encouragement when I started care 9 years ago. So, I know the importance of it and how it makes one feel better and comfortable with their work load.

HSC 328.7.3 describe ways to challenge information or support that is discriminatory or inaccessible.

challenging information or support that is discriminatory or inaccessible. could be done verbally. the care worker or employee can challenge the situation, another way is to write a complaint to the person responsible. the matter then can be referred for legal action to be pursued in court.

HSC 328.3.1 agree with the individual, family members and others the proposed outcomes of partnership working with a family.

Keeping the focus on the client, build a steady working relationship with the family. So when discussing the proposed future outcomes explain why working in partnership with the family will benefit the client giving them a form of peace of mind, as everyone is working together, it will allow everyone to share their views on how the service can or will benefit the client.

HSC 328.3.5 agree with the individual and family members processes for monitoring the shared support plan.
Although the care plan is shared, it is important to make sure the client is has agreed on what information is shared and to who can see it as the care plan is centred around the client and contains a lot of personal information. So, when its shared it’s important that the client knows who has access to their support plan. I have previously worked with an acquired brain injury client. where the family monitored the support plan and made sure its accurate to their knowledge and in safe keeping. I am currently working with a client where PA`s monitor the support plan.

HSC 328.4.1 work with family members to identify the support they need to carry out their role.

Family member often need support as well as the client as it’s family member who needs care.
It’s important to provide information on the nature of the care need and what its requirements from the family members, to make sure the family has an understanding of person-centred approach as family may influence the client’s mindset even if the client is not happy with it. this could affect the recover and mental health of the client. I remain supportive and positive towards the family when explain their role, but I do not to cross the line cause, because my role is to provide care to the client

HSC 328.4.2 provide accessible information about available resources for support

as a carer I can provide information about available resources for support by contacting the care service manager. If I find information on resources for the support online, I can provide links, website info or a contact number if available.


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