How to Write a Perfect Advertisement Critique Essay I

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How to Write a Perfect Advertisement Critique Essay
I. Introduction
Advertising has and continues to contribute significantly to contemporary society. Advertisements interrupt radio and television programs, deface or decorate the sides of buildings, and at times, advertisements appear to be the internet’s primary function. An estimated $450 billion is spent yearly on advertising, a third of which is in the United States alone. Thus, advertising is certainly an important sector.
II. Body
A. What is an Advertisement Critique Essay?
Before composing your advertisement critique essay, as an essayist, you must understand what an advertisement critique essay is, and what its main features are. An advertisement critique essay is an essay which deeply examines an advertisement and offers a comprehensive analysis of the same.
The features of an advertisement critique essay are not different from those of standard essays because it has an introduction which has a thesis statement incorporated into it, body-paragraphs with several topic sentences, and ultimately a conclusion. However, you must ensure your writing concentrates solely on the advertisement and that you assert your verdict on the advertisement.
As you well know, advertisements permeate televisions, web pages, and line roads to whichever route you take; thus making them an up-to-date topic. Advertisement critique essays are common assignments in college which require you provide a critique of advertising from one or various viewpoints. Here is how to effectively craft a successful advertising critique essay that will captivate your reader.
B. Features of composing an advertisement critique essay
Thesis and Introduction
As stated above, your essay cannot begin without a thesis. A statement carrying the point you intend on expressing or your main argument is a thesis statement. Therefore, when composing your thesis, ensure it is well detailed to communicate your main argument or point and make it concise.
Your essay’s most crucial part is your introduction. It captures your readers’ attention and ensures they are captivated enough to keep reading. Therefore, you must ensure it is as captivating as possible. Additionally, you should make it concise, well detailed and assert your main argument.
When composing your introduction, begin with a hook. Your hook’s aim is capturing your reader’s attention; it is naturally the first sentence. Provide a broad summary of the advertisement; this includes the product, the company, et cetera. Incorporate your thesis statement in your introduction.
Body-paragraphs expound on your thesis statement. This aids in building your argument by utilizing other smaller arguments. When composing your body-paragraphs, you must ensure each paragraph starts with a topic sentence. Topic sentences are subsequently followed by supporting sentences which provide evidence or support to your topic sentences.
When composing your body-paragraphs, begin by using topic sentences. Your essay’s body should be three to five paragraphs unless told otherwise. Cite any information that is not your original idea. Indicate or mention the advertisement’s targeted audience. Mention some strategies utilized in the ad to make it more alluring to the audience. Provide textual strategies utilized in the advert.
In your conclusion, wrap your thought up or provide a summary of your essay including the main arguments you use. You also need to rephrase your thesis statement. Your essay’s conclusion is critical. Make it memorable.
For you advertisement critique essay, follow the following tips as you compose your conclusion: sum up your essay by providing a concise summary of your paper. Re-phrase your thesis. Offer recommendations on how the ad could be improved. And discuss the ad’s implications on the political, cultural, and social facets of the society.
Advertisement Critique Revision
Revising your essay is important and mandatory. Revising simply means re-reading your essay and correcting mistakes detected. You can personally do this or reach out to writers from company Z to assist you in revising your essay. It all depends on your preference. When revising your essay, use grammar checkers to correct grammatical and punctuation errors. Hand your essay to a trusted friend for revision or as mentioned above, reach out to writers from company Z to help you edit and revise your essay. And appropriately cite information which is not original.
C. Tips on Writing an Advertisement Critique Essay
When writing your advertisement critique essay, consider the below tips:
• Select an ad you understand. This is advantageous since selecting something you understand makes it simpler when you are critiquing.
• Ensure you are familiar with the product being advertised.
• Describe the ad vaguely.
• Intently look at the ad and note everything that captivates you and captures your attention.
• Develop an argument which you will later explain in your essay.
• Compose an outline which will be your essay’s prototype.
D. Examples of ads that can be critically analyzed
Some ads that can be critically analyzed include Coca-Cola (Taste the Feeling), RedBull (Gives you wings), Pepsi (Out of the Blue), Mountain Dew (Do the Dew), and Fanta (More Fanta, Less Serious). All the above ads can be critically analyzed because based on the justifications given; the above ads can be classified as sophisticated and complex as they have underline meanings, symbolism, and connotations. The creative strategies behind these ads are that of brand image. Each ad has its slogan and an overall universal appeal combined with a universal image. All ads are aimed towards the mass markets because the drinks mentioned above are consumed at large; therefore, they can all be effectively analyzed.
E. Conclusion
Advertisement critique essays are common assignments in college which require you to provide a critique of advertising from one or various viewpoints. Therefore, you will likely write an essay based on such at one point or another. Use the tips and instructions mentioned above and your essay will be a successful one.