Good morning

March 11, 2019 0 Comment

Good morning, my name is Max, and today I’ll be talking about why I’m a good house captain. You see, I’m wanting to be elected not because I’m good at maths, or science or anything, to be honest, I’m wanting to be elected because of leadership. A true leader doesn’t need to be sporty, nor does he have to be smart, well, kind of. A true leader needs to have a leadership.

You see, I have a friend called Nathan. Most of you guys know him right? He’s not as smart as me, but at least he’s not dumb. But what really makes him my prop (and your attention) is that he has a strong leadership. You know, whenever we play Manhunt, every one of us follows Nathan route. So some of you may be wondering, why is he such a good leader? Well, firstly, he’s awesome, and secondly, he’s kind and caring. Okay, Nathan, you can have a rest now. Anyways, back to our main topic. Why am I a good house captain? I’m a good house captain because I’m awesome (Like Nathan) and I’m also really caring. Of course, I won’t go further and boast because like most of you know, boasting is a really bad thing and as a house captain I’m not going to boast. P.S Also, there aren’t many boys in Waiheke so your sort of stuck with me.

Now I’m going to tell you why I want to be a house captain. I want to be a house captain because I want to participate in as much school activities there are because of course, school is most important. Although I have classes every day except for Sunday, I do homework every day. So I don’t have Chinese every day, or English classes do I? So I think school is extremely vital and let’s be grateful for it.