Geronimo was born in Turkey Creek

January 28, 2019 0 Comment

Geronimo was born in Turkey Creek, Gila River in Arizona in June 16, 1829. He was one of the leaders which helped lead the Apache Indian tribes into battles against the foreigners who were taking their land. Among these foreigners were the Americans, Spaniards, and the Mexicans, which government placed a bounty of $25 on his head. He lived in the mountains and planned battles. His house was a short, scrubby tree with a hollow in the ground near its trunk. Here he spread a deer-skin for his bed and some woolen blankets on a large stone close by for a seat.

While he often exerted considerable influence over the Apaches, Geronimo was never a tribal chief. Among the Chiricahua, he was better known for his skills as a shaman, or medicine man. Those who followed Geronimo credited him with a variety of supernatural powers including the ability to heal the sick, slow time, avoid bullets, bring on rainstorms and even witness events over great distances.

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