First of all

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First of all, I am willing to participate in the gold Duke of Edinburgh Award not only to improve my communication, organizational, and leadership skills but to obtain a unique, challenging and life-long experience.

For the volunteering section, I will be doing charity work inside and outside school such as helping funding food in the local supermarket and attending Mighty Meriendas and charity events. Furthermore, I am enrolled in the Primary Help program and next summer I will be travelling to Tanzania to a small orphanage for a month to help children learn English.

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For the skills section, I have been playing the piano for more than 10 years and I take private classes each week. I am a passionate photographer and like to shoot short films of my summer holidays. In addition, I attend French classes every week in order to improve my French skills and take the B2 French exam.

Finally, for the physical section, I take part in a 2-hour long tennis class twice a week which I really enjoy, I play golf on Sundays and attend the gym three times a week.

I am good at making decisions, working with a team and good at planning trips. Last summer I had the opportunity to plan and execute me and my family’s summer trip where we took our car and and visited more than forty different places of France. I describe myself as an outgoing, honest and creative person and believe I am a perfect candidate to complete this challenge.


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