Culture is a structure of reactions revealed

April 15, 2019 0 Comment

Culture is a structure of reactions revealed, established, or developed through a group’s history of handling problems which arise from connections among the group members, and concerning surroundings. Culture decides what is suitable or not suitable, essential or not essential, correct or incorrect, practical or impractical. It involves all knowledgeable and mutual, clear or silent, rules, opinions, information, models, and morals, as well as approaches, manners, dress, and language, foods, social traditions, what they wear, marriage, music and arts.
There are lots of outcomes that will be integrated for the theme culture. Also students will be interested in learning different cultural aspects. Throughout the theme culture, expanding vocabulary could be accomplished at the same time as reading real script which could talk about culture. By doing so, learning language and gaining information about a foreign culture could be easily knotted.


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