Communication and interpersonal skills are important in the workplace

March 15, 2019 0 Comment

Communication and interpersonal skills are important in the workplace. Good two-way communication is important to enable the flow of information in an effective way whether it be verbal or non-verbal. Good communication has a positive impact on the performance of the team including; everyone is clear what is expected from them, they receive good feedback and recognition of achievements which makes staff feel valued and boosts employee morale. The manager needs to be approachable and have a non-threatening manner so staff feel at ease discussing issues or concerns. Good interpersonal relations encourages open behaviour where everyone works as a team and supports each other with a common goal.
When goals and objectives are clearly communicated with colleagues feeling involved and motivated, it has the overall effect of promoting teamwork. This all results in a stronger performance from the team in a safe, relaxed working environment ultimately enabling them to achieve their goals. Poor communication could result in colleagues being unclear of objectives, demotivated and disinterested.