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Bauer-Wolf , Jeremy. “Still Hungry.” Students’ Access to Food Still a Problem on College Campuses, Study Shows, 4 Apr. 2018,
The article highlights a pattern that on many college campuses, the issue of students lacking basic needs, both food and shelter, is still eminent. While experts differ on the scope of the problem, the issue has gained significant traction, politically and among university administrators. Thirteen percent of community college student, according to the Urban Institute report last year, were known to have faced or experienced food insecurity in 2015. In the same way thirty-six percent of students attending four-year universities or colleges were also reported to have had “low” or “very low” food security in the period surveyed, meaning they aren’t skipping meals for frivolous reasons, but that they can’t always afford them”. Kristin Blagg, who is a research associate with the Urban Institute, said that “I’m glad that this report calls further attention to the issue of food and housing insecurity on campus, but I want reiterate the authors’ own warning that a 7.3 percent response rate means that these data are not institutionally or nationally representative,”. A further break down in the article reveals that based on the study or research conducted, in community colleges, about 37 percent of white students indicated they were food insecure, compared to 47 percent of Hispanic students and 54 percent of black students.
The article was written on the 4th of April 2018 by Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. I do not have any concerns about the currency of the article because it was written this year. To back the authenticity or the accurate of the information, the U.S Census Bureau provided statistics which are equivalent to the data or statistics provided in this article. The author is one hundred percent objective and the statistics supporting her stands also help. The article is helpful or useful to me because it provided more information on the topic of food insecurities on college campus. I would not be using this article too much or at all because the information provided is redundant in some of my other articles therefore repetitive.