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Calvin Klein was founded in 1968 where it was owned by Berry Schwartz and Calvin Klein, for 36 years before selling this business to clothing maker PVH.Calvin Klein designs,produces and markets designer apparels such as swimwear, denim apparels,fragrances for both women and men. I chose this campaign because Calvin Klein advertised their apparels in a very unique way which not many companies would take the risks to do these kind of sexually appealing methods.

To create a sexy appeal towards the targetted audience
To create premium and comfortable denim apparels for both men and women
To generate awareness of the new products in the campaign through effective means of advertising and media strategy
Target Audience:
Young adults aged 18 to 30 years old
Communication model:
Sender: Calvin Klein
Receiver: 18 to 30 year old men and women in the middle to high end income segment
Encoding: Calvin Klein is using the graphical method to convey its message for this campaign where there are 4 people acting sexually in Calvin Klein apparels.It is trying to show that their apparels are uniquely designed to enhance one’s attractiveness and to maximise aesthetics in a luscious manner.
Channel of communication: Calvin Klein uses the non personal channel of communication for this campaign. It uses outdoor advertising such as billboards to reach out to a mass audience. It also incorporated personal channel of communication where popup shows and demonstrations are performed to spread more awareness of their campaign and to rally support from the public and target audience.
Decoding: However, the message that this campaign is trying to convey is misleading. Instead of conveying the message on how comfortable and good their denim apparels are, it shows that foursomes are encouraged in sexual relations at a young age which can be offensive to some.
The big idea for this campaign is to launch a new series of high quality denim apparels in a lusting manner such that it compliments one’s curves while it is comfortable to wear them.It is also to indirectly influence a sense of security,esteem and acceptance to the consumers, encouraging them to purchase their denim apparels to feel and look good. As usual, this campaign is also adopting the simplistic style to maintain its brand image and make it easier for the consumers to identify their brand. Calvin Klein unique selling points is that its campaign stands out from others as it didn’t just advertise about their product but also something bigger:lifestyle.
This campaign uses the emotional and sex appeal.For emotional appeal,it focused on personal needs such as love, self esteem and happiness by showing how Calvin Klein denim apparels can enhance one’s beauty. As for sex appeal, it created a sexual and romantic theme to arouse stimulation of their denim apparels.
It used imagery to execute its campaign as seen from the ads, they are mainly pictures and actions with little words as they are aiming to be minimalist as it appeals to the current trend of the targeted audience. This is to engage consumers through a modern, sensual and iconic lifestyle.
As for its promotional mix strategy:
Advertising: Through televisions and magazines to attract attention of the targeted audience and also to retain high recognition of its brand in the consumers’ mind.
Direct Marketing: Fliers are distributed at certain locations and mailing of brochures to areas that consists mainly of the target audience.
Internet marketing: Uses social media platforms such as instagram,twitter and facebook to reach out to more of the millenials about this campaign locally and internationally. It also has a website which enables consumers to view their latest launch and also to enquire about their products.Additionally, their new launches of apparels and products are usually featured on its homepage to increase awareness.
Sales promotion: Provides discount codes,coupons,loyalty programs where a card is provided to collect store credits when purchasing their merchandise.This will help to attract customers into their stores and improve their sales,
Public Relations: Adopts a two way communication through social media where it enables more interaction with the consumers. For instance, they would have live sessions online to engage consumers more about their products and have a Q;A too.
Personal Selling: Calvin Klein has also employed efficient and capable employees to be able to provide relevant information to consumers about this campaign.And also, it aims to keep up with the trend to satisfy the consumers’ needs and wants.

Media objective: This campaign’s media objective is mainly reach and frequency.Ads and billboards are located at highly populated areas with the aim to reach out to the targeted audience effectively.As for frequency, it aims to maintain a consistent exposure of its campaign to the targeted audience through mediums such as billboard, magazines, social media etc to recollect the targeted audience memory about this campaign.
Media Class used: Outdoor advertising, Internet, magazines
For outdoor advertising , Calvin Klein used billboards to advertise this campaign. This method is able to reach out to a larger audience as it is often noticed easily which can create word of mouth of the campaign.
High information content can be found in magazines which reduces the hassle for buyers to research online.
Communicating through internet allows involvement of consumers and interactive relationship with them which can result in establishing loyalty for the brand.
Media Vehicles: Instagram ,Youtube ,Facebook and Twitter
Calvin Klein aims to establish a strong presence online. Hence, this campaign uses popular social media platforms such as instagram,facebook and twitter to update consumers on the latest happenings.
Live sessions are also conducted on Youtube and Instagram to engage consumers, especially the target audience about this campaign and also to answer enquiries about their apparels.
Media Scheduling technique:
As denim apparels is a necessity for almost everyone, this campaign adopts the pulsing technique. They advertised their denim apparels on a lower level all year round and only advertised heavily about their denim apparels when the trend was all about denim for the targeted audience.
Creative media buy:
This campaign has paid search where Calvin Klein paid major search engines such as Google to promote its campaign in the top few sites when keywords such as ‘CK denim apparels” are searched.
This campaign has unethical marketing communications. The actions in the advertisement is controversial as it seems as though they are promoting group sexual intercourse instead of their denim apparels. Furthermore, the billboard is placed outside shopping malls which is easily noticeable by the public including young children. It can be offensive towards some due to the overly sexual actions in the advertisement.This is supported by evidence where people are outraged at the obscenity of the billboard located at Soho, an area at london.

Instead of having fit and attractive young people acting inappropriately in the advertisement, Calvin Klein can actually hire women and men of different sizes and post in a more appropriate manner in the advertisement.This might appeal to a larger audience as it shows that Calvin Klein has also designed jeans to suit all shapes and sizes to enhance one’s attractiveness.Furthermore, it can convey a message to the public to establish self love for their body and not compare it with others which can actually help to boost their self esteem.
To make this campaign more meaningful and reach out to the target audience more effectively, Calvin Klein can hold competitions on social media platforms such as instagram. For instance, participants will have to pose a picture of themselves wearing Calvin Klein latest denim apparels and come up with quotes to their own creativity. The top 50 winners will get to win prizes such as $100 worth of Calvin Klein’s apparels. This allows the consumers to feel that Calvin Klein apparels do not always have to be
Instead of just putting #CalvinKleinJeans in the advertisements for this campaign,Calvin Klein can actually use meaning quotes such as ” Denim is a way of life” , ” Food. Water. Denim. Let’s get back to the essentials”. These kind of expressive quotes might actually catch more attention from the public and allow them to ponder more about this campaign. Hence, it can leave a deeper impression into the consumers’ mind rather than the sultry atmosphere as seen in the foursome billboard as there is value added to it.