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Best Services to Use that Can Prolong the Life of Your Driveway

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If you want to avoid shouldering excess costs and preventable driveway damage after your driveway installation, check out the following paving services that you need to invest in. Remember the following services to help your driveway have a prolonged life and be saved from premature deterioration.? 

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When your driveway already displays signs of serious cracking, standing water, or wear and tear, but its base still looks structurally durable and stable, one of the highly recommended services you need for that is to resurface it with a new asphalt layer.? 

However, before you overlay an asphalt driveway, all the existing damages like cracks, holes, and softness should be fixed in the first place. Or else, the existing cracks will be seen through your newly applied asphalt paving as soon as 1 year. 

If resurfacing is correctly done, it can add another 8-15 yrs. to your current driveway.? 

Crack sealing 

Another way to help prolong your paving’s life is to seal the cracks in your driveways every year. However, remember that this process may end up having unappealing results, which normally happens if you seal cracks on a driveway that’s never been seal coated for several years. Hence, you probably have to get your driveway sealed as soon as you seal the cracks to provide it that even, beautiful, and deep-black look.? 


Usually, your driveway experiences a lot of abuse every day. For example, the sun’s harmful UV rays can cause paving to break down and form holes. Once water pools in these holes, you’ll eventually see cracks. Also, if you leave these cracks unaddressed, there’s a possibility that liquids will expand, making the cracks and holes wider. Other factors that can impact your driveway’s condition are the oils from your car and the dust from the environment. Hence, your driveway will need added protection layer, and that’s where seal coating your driveway is a must.? 

Sealcoating involves the application of a premium sealant to your driveway’s surface to make a protective layer that will keep the oils, dust, water, and UV rays out of your driveway. However, driveway sealers will not last for a lifetime. Hence, you need to do asphalt paving every 2-3 yrs., according to the sealer type that you applied and your area’s weather condition.? 


As your asphalt becomes exposed to various elements for years, it will eventually lose its integrity. It’s not a worthy investment to patch your old driveway since new problems will soon arrive even right after you have it resurfaced.? 

Hence, when your asphalt paving already ages 20 years or more, it would be best if you contact the experts for a driveway installation in Mississauga to have it reconstructed instead of simply overlaying it. Moreover, this is a greater option when at least 35 percent of your driveway’s overall area should be eliminated due to immense damage. This driveway service involves the installation of both the top overlay layer and the subgrade layer.? 

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